Pipeline offers expert-led guidance, content, and tools to help you become a successful streamer.
I collaborated with the team at Pipeline to conceptualize, design and execute a product video that showcased Pipeline's new UI/UX. The result is a colourful, dynamic video that acts as a reflection of the Pipeline experience.
Product videos have become a standard for a large majority of software companies. Due to the challenge of 'standing out' becoming increasingly difficult, I was eager to create this video from a slightly different perspective.
My approach to this piece was to focus on highlighting the company's main products. This video was designed to project a future vision of Pipeline's brand and experiences. The challenge was to balance the depiction of the user experience with engaging 3D elements, all created within After Effects' Cinema 4D renderer.
By visualizing the user interface in 3D, you're able to embellish the experience offered to customers. As previously mentioned, this look was created entirely within After Effects' Cinema 4D renderer. Take a peek at my process below.
Creative direction, design and animation by Will Taylor.

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